Dear Teresa, 

As we are coming to the end of May, a month marked by renewal and reflection, we also have navigated through Mother's Day with a heart full of mixed emotions. As we enter June, we face the approach of Father’s Day, which can bring a wave of tremendous emotions. While celebrated by many, they can be particularly challenging for those of us who are grieving the loss of a child, a mother, a father, or a spouse. I recognize the strength it takes to navigate these days, and I’m here to share this journey with you, offering support and understanding.

I believe in creating spaces that foster both comfort and meaningful connections, exploring ways to honor our feelings and the memories of our loved ones, finding solace in the bonds we share with those who understand our journey.


Grief is a very normal, natural, and necessary process for everyone that has experienced a loss.

  • Grief is normal because it is how people respond to a significant personal loss. It is normal to expect people who have lost someone they love to be deeply affected by their loss.
  • Grief is natural in that it is a completely human thing to do. We cannot avoid grief – it is built into us. We are created to grieve, just as we are created to love. We love, and when we lose someone, we love, we grieve.
  • Grief is necessary, it provides a healthy way to cope with the loss and everything it means to us. Attempting to bypass or ignore grief doesn't alleviate the pain; it often prolongs it and can lead to deeper suffering.

Many attempt to avoid the third, the essential work of grieving in a healthy way, which can lead to additional pain and suffering, particularly when faced with future losses   Grieving is a necessary process that requires attention and effort. If you find yourself struggling to navigate your grief or feel stuck, it is important to seek guidance. Reaching out to a professional can provide you with the insight and guidance to engage in vital healing work. Whether through scheduling an appointment with me or another qualified specialist, taking that step can be crucial to your emotional well-being.



Let this quote be a gentle reminder that the love we share with those who are no longer with us continues to resonate in our lives and hearts, bridging the distance that loss can bring.


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 My hope is this beautiful song will provide support and comfort when times get hard. I hope it brings you a sense of peace and assurance that you are not walking this path alone.

Supportive Tips for Navigating Difficult Days:

  • Engage in activities that help you feel connected to your loved one. This could be visiting their favorite place, planting a tree in their honor, or simply lighting a candle at home.
  • Allow Space for Your Emotions. It's okay to experience a range of emotions. Allow yourself the space to feel and express them without judgment.
  • Reach Out and Connect with friends, support groups, or communities who understand your loss. Sharing your thoughts and feelings can be incredibly healing.

Online workshop coming soon.

Everyone’s grief journey is unique, and it cannot be fixed—only understood. Remember, you are not alone in this. I’m holding space for your pain, to listen to your stories, and to offer support.


  Hope and Healing,

Teresa Reiniger

Grief Resilience Specialist with Living After Grief




 “My mission is to work with compassionate grieving women to navigate their path of grief, fostering resilience and finding clarity and understanding in their journey. My role as a Grief Resilience Specialist is to support them in reclaiming their freedom to live fully and to cultivate a deeper sense of trust in themselves as they move through the healing process."


When you are ready, here are a few more ways I can empower you on your grief journey:

  1. You can check out my podcast: Resilient Moms: Hope, Healing & Living After Loss. Resilient Moms Podcast is for women who have experienced trauma & grief from an infertility journey or loss of a child during pregnancy or childhood. We explore the complex emotions that come with loss & we focus on hope, healing & finding joy amidst the pain. This is the right place; if you are a grieving mom, a family member or someone seeking to understand and support those who have experienced loss.

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Book a Hope Exploration Session:

During this session we will:

  • Assess Your Current Situation: Understand where you are right now and identify what has been holding you back.
  • Clarify Your Desires and Vision: Get clear on what you want and envision your path forward.
  • Explore Collaboration: If I'm confident that I can help you, I’ll share how we can work together to achieve your goals.

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