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While April brought in the renewal of spring—a season of growth and reflection—we found ourselves amidst National Infertility Awareness Month. This time compels us to look closely at the touching stories of resilience and profound emotional journeys that many face due to infertility. Recent data reveals a shift in statistics, with 1 in 6 couples now struggling with infertility. 

This month's newsletter dives into these personal experiences and shares insights from those who have navigated the turbulent waters of infertility. Each story underscores the intense feelings of loss, guilt, shame, and inadequacy that accompany the unfulfilled dreams of parenthood.

Myths and Misconceptions with Infertility:

Myth #1: Infertility is a 'woman’s problem.

Truth: Infertility affects both men and women equally. It’s a medical condition that can involve either or both partners.

 Myth #2: Infertility is always caused by lifestyle choices.

Truth: While lifestyle factors like diet and exercise can influence fertility, many infertility issues are due to medical conditions and genetic factors.

 Myth #3: Just relax, and it will happen.

Truth: Infertility is a medical issue, not a result of stress. While stress reduction can help overall well-being, it’s not a cure for infertility.

 Myth #4: IVF guarantees a pregnancy.

Truth: IVF improves chances but doesn’t guarantee success. Each cycle has a success rate that depends on many factors, including age and health.



Each week on my podcast, Resilient Mom’s: Hope, Healing and Living after Loss, I engage with guests who share their intimate experiences of loss and grief. Their stories are not just narratives of pain but of powerful endurance and eventual healing. Many share their story of years of striving to conceive and facing numerous setbacks, they speak of the aspect of infertility that often goes unspoken: and the grief that accompanies it—stemming from unmet expectations of motherhood. Yet, through connecting with others who have faced similar paths, many find solace and discover a resilient spirit that propels them to support and advocate for others.  (Episode 183: Infertility Awareness and Recognizing Infertility Grief.)  Podcast Link

These individuals become champions of infertility awareness, using their voices to foster understanding and offer a network of support to those walking this challenging journey. Each person’s path, marked by personal loss, also holds potential for new forms of fulfillment and joy.

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 I stand with all those who face the challenges of infertility. I encourage the community to engage in conversations that increase awareness, enhance understanding, and promote supportive networks. Let us extend our hands in solidarity to those who feel isolated by their struggles, reminding them that their experiences are valid, and they are not alone.
Remember, everyone's grief journey is unique, and together, we create a tapestry of support and understanding. By acknowledging the pain and resilience found in stories, we renew our commitment to each other—this April and beyond.

  Hope and Healing,

Teresa Reiniger

Grief Resilience Specialist with Living After Grief




 “My mission is to work with compassionate grieving women to navigate their path of grief, fostering resilience and finding clarity and understanding in their journey. My role as a Grief Resilience Specialist is to support them in reclaiming their freedom to live fully and to cultivate a deeper sense of trust in themselves as they move through the healing process."


When you are ready, here are a few more ways I can empower you on your grief journey:

  1. You can check out my podcast: Resilient Moms: Hope, Healing & Living After Loss. Resilient Moms Podcast is for women who have experienced trauma & grief from an infertility journey or loss of a child during pregnancy or childhood. We explore the complex emotions that come with loss & we focus on hope, healing & finding joy amidst the pain. This is the right place; if you are a grieving mom, a family member or someone seeking to understand and support those who have experienced loss.

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  • Help you get clear on your vision.
  • Help you identify what has been holding you back the most.
  • Assess where you are currently.
  • Help you gain clarity on your commitment to yourself and your vision.

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